How odd international fashion trade shows are. They are so frantic and yet so still. Everyone is there and yet you feel like you know no one. You are in Paris but it could be Singapore. There is the smell of money and perfume and shoe leather and ambition. Perhaps there is also the sweet smell of success.

My four day stint at Premiere Classe in the beautiful Tuileries Gardens in late September was strangely inspiring. I would walk through the gardens inhaling autumn flowers and trying to stay focused on the semi industrial task of maintaining the stall, spreading the word...being there. This year's theme "The Japan Edition"...I still don't get what this means but I liked the free tote bag.

Because I only left the stand twice I tripped through accessories and saw young brands from Paris and New York (I liked Opening Ceremony). Shocking to my eye was the 90s revival. Were the nineties even a decade? But to sweeten it all were hats and Borsalino hats. I can see them in my next look book. Premiere Classe is like a big art show and a trade fair in one. It's not a choice, you have to be there...even if the mind drifts out over the rooftops too much more intimate pockets in The City of Light.