There is this ridiculous cold war between high heels and flats and the sort of woman you are meant to embody if you wear one …or the other. Brazilian lingerie models are actually born with heels melded to their feet and Academics wear flats to stress their integrity. There is some truth in the clichés you know…because WAGS don’t wear ballet slippers and women who own ski chalets in the Swiss Alps swear by their velvet ballerinas. It’s a class war. It’s a sex issue. It’s a shoe scrag fight. BUT, let’s all calm right down because I have found the solution for world peace when it comes to this divisive style tempest…and of course it’s the mid heel.

A mid heel is a middle ground with one foot in the nursery and the other firmly planted in the nightclub of your dreams. It gives you line. It creates elegance. It suggests the very best sexy school teachers AND it feels like a silk glove, supporting the arch letting to dance or walk or simply preen and pose in a cocktail bar…for hours. Perhaps days. I love the ambiguity of a mid heel and the wayward way it governs the day but beckons the night. And I am not talking weird Louis bridesmaid heel or freaky suburban court shoe. My heels have all the same features as my high models but in perfectly proportioned miniaturised Bonsai form.

View it as a trainer heel for a Swiss aristocrat or a weekend shoe for a Brazilian movie star. Either way it looks good with jeans or a very tight pencil skirt. Come together! Right now…over heels.