Transparency. Veils. Mesh. Sheer stockings. Netting. I love all the textures of fashion that conceal and reveal at the same time. So this is why the materials in my debut collection had that smoky, almost lingerie suggestion. Proportion in dress is created by line but equally it is created by the sensuality of materials. If you are tempted to dress all in black then of course you have to do it in degrees. A clear heel. A sheer vamp. A whisper of darkness and evening, that is always better than a dip into the pitch black Indian ink well that is modern fashion. Black blends in…but never to the point where a woman disappears inside her own good taste. Something has to jolt and make the eye stand to attention.

When I designed my dream pumps I wanted them to be The Little Black Shoe in your wardrobe. Not just a shoe that would go with everything but a shoe with subtle allure that would give you different ideas about how to dress…or undress, as the moment might demand.