What do the words photo shoot evoke for you? In fashion mythology terms I immediately conjure an image of Karl, THE Karl, stroking his cat on a directors chair screaming NO at the top of his voice, then whispering "Yah, Yah..." before the shutter goes click. Pounding music, a closed set, acres of bearded tattooed assistants, models fainting, velvet trays of accessories and sushi everywhere.

I didn't shoot the summer catalogue and look book with Karl...but we had sushi, so MUCH sushi and bearded sexy assistants and about an acre of exotic flowers from the incredible Grandiflora and vintage clothes from my friend Anna and a beautiful model with very very long beautiful legs and lots of patience, who was willing to lie upside down under a hedge with her legs slightly open (sorry) all for the sake of my slightly Surrealist brief.

Our photographic team were unusual in that they are siblings and that Cybele, the so talented, was quite fabulously pregnant. She ate the sushi anyway. And she and her brother Justin immediately understood the importance of an orchid floating just so, a daisy pinned to a velvet hem and a solitary shoe floating on a bed of roses. Great shoots involve quite a degree of split second genius and these two had just that. Cybele imagined a hedge-row and then it got sculpted on the spot. It was like Iron chef, except with camelias and silk satin shoes.

The PASSIONFLOWER collection is a celebration of sensuality, seduction and colour. Actual Passionflowers were in season in London (they actually grow wild in some front gardens in Chelsea) but not Sydney. So, in their place we made two dresses out of fresh ranunculus (I feel a bit guilty thinking about how Grace and Saskia worked the glue gun into the night) and I think it looked astonishing.

The beauty and the joy of the day are reflected in images that are both sultry and playful. The black background reminded me of Dutch old master paintings and the watercolours are an art-house touch that just pushes the idea of polychrome bliss that little bit further. JAH! It was so cool. I extend special thanks to the dream team who gave me a taste of fashion at it's most creative...and spontaneous.

Merci buckets. And to have a here...

Photography: Cybele Malinowski and Justin Malinowski

Flowers: Grandiflora by Saskia Havekes 

Make up: Anna Milczarzyk

Art direction & Illustration: Anna Johnson

Model: Ashleigh Wesseling @ Chadwicks