I had to do this collection. Every shoe is based on an infamous woman of rock, be she musician, deluxe muse or let's just come out and say it...groupie/style legend. 


It's an oddity of fashion that the women who set the trends don't care about them. Jane Birkin is not famous for shoes and who knows what Nico wore when she sang Femme Fatale with the Velvet Underground. But for this collection I imagined Marianne Faithful rolling out of bed in 1981 and into a pair of luxe black pony "Sister Morphine" boots with a mercilessly sexy heel. Or Jerry Hall brooding over the Mick or Bryan issue in her Tall Tales pumps. 


The thing about rock style is that it has to be rebellious yet replete. Luxurious materials speak of five star decadence and limousines with smoky windows. The idea of a rock basic is the most refined materials on earth...dipped in platinum or black. Kate Moss looks like she has been wearing the same jeans for fourteen years but she's mixing them with vintage Art Deco diamonds and YSL black silk lapels. Androgyny is in the mix, when you steal his waistcoat or Borsalino hat and so is a flash of heavy metal silver and soulful lipstick red. These are boots for kicking an amp, signing a freaky recording deal or storming the stage. These are high heels for revenge and seduction. 


Don't look back.