Last night in London the eccentric sexy naughty designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were guests at the launch of “The Glamour of Italian Fashion,” a new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Diplomatically they praised Britain’s “cool” style and designers like Vivienne Westwood, but when it came to Victoria Beckham. MAMA MIA!!! Gabbana said the former Spice Girl had turned to fashion after doing “many, many, many different things.” then adding this clanger: "she's a designer but, for us, she don't make clothes the same way like a fashion designer!"

Is this war? I doubt it. British designers will never love velvet ribbon and scarlet silk satin and black lace and high heels and garlic and men with thin moustaches and weird post war suede platforms and ali baba wedges and Loden green the way Italians do.

The  sexy new exhibition, which opens Saturday, traces Italian style from the 1940s to the present day. As I have been spending a lot of time in Florence in April here is a collage of favourite Florentine shoe moments and to Dolce and Gabbana I have to say, Si Si....When it comes to shoes ITALIANS DO IT BETTER; That is why I make my lines there and that is why I keep coming back. That's not just MODA, that's AMORE!